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INXS Alive

Microwave Brick Edition

INXS Alive (now with more Tim Farriss!)
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(If you would like to use this banner, feel free, please just make sure to link it to this site.)

Hello everyone and welcome to INXS Alive, your #1 source for INXS news, graphics and pictures. While we may not always update on a daily basis, your maintainers, eowyn3, bratpacker47, and getlive, will update many times a week. Our mission is to celebrate INXS , past and present. INXS Alive is a place for all fans to get together and have a nice time. Feel free to post concert reviews, start polls, submit your links, photos and graphics, begin deep discussions and analyzations of INXS songs and style. We encourage participation from everyone. Don't be afraid to drop-in and just say hi. :)

Before you join please note the following:
(1) So try a little kindness. Be kind to other members. If they request credit for graphics/photos please be mindful of the user's wishes and do as requested. Without its members, INXS Alive, ceases to be a community.
(2) One of my kind. Keep all posts INXS or Rockstar: INXS related. RS: INXS includes any of the contestants, their bands, Dave Navarro, and Brooke Burke. Please specify the topic of your post in the Subject line.
(3) Hey, here is the story. Please no fanfiction unless it's a song parody or really clever satire. We do not believe in real people fic. Ew.
(4) Love your mate. Please no bashing other community members. And also, no harsh bashing of any of the band members. No attacks, no caps-lock yelling. Remember to spell-check.
(5) Just come out and say it. Any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to contact us.